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Color Your Pleasure

We all have bright and vibrant days,
and days that are muted and dull.
Some days you can be tickled pink,
some can leave you feeling blue.

Life isn't black or white; neither is pleasure.
There are times when you seek it,
and others when you don't indulge.
Passion can run from red hot to cool gray.
Embrace each and every color of your pleasure.

Love yourself and live life your way,
defining your own pleasure.
So, what’s the color of your pleasure today?

About Us

Self-pleasure as self-care.
Creating products to care for our natural search for pleasure.

iroha was created on March 3rd, 2013 to help more women enjoy self-pleasure in comfort. Inspired by the idea of treating oneself to a luxurious facial before bedtime or indulging in a relaxing bath, we believe that it is essential to prioritize the pleasure that our bodies desire as an essential part of self-care.

  • We endeavor to create user-centric products.

    With a core development team of women, dedicated to creating items that accommodate the needs of our users. Meticulous attention to details are given to design, texture, and functionality, aiming to develop products that allow you to enjoy self-pleasure with a sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Designs that blend seamlessly into everyday life.

    The designs embrace a "Japanese modern" sensibility, exhibiting a serene aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any room. Our products convey a beautiful simplicity that gives them an endearing charm, and simplicity that allows you to use the item through its lifetime.

  • Gentle softness that's kind to the skin.

    A distinctive characteristic of iroha is the abundance of items that are gentle and kind to the skin. The smooth transmission of vibrations provides a rich, deep resonance that reaches the core of the body.

  • Thoughtfully crafted for reliability and ease of use.

    Our products are easy to wash for simplicity and hygiene, and controls are easy to use. They're also near-silent so you can enjoy your pleasure without worry for your surroundings.

What is Self-Pleasure?

"Self-pleasure" is an important process of exploring one's own pleasure and well-being.

At iroha, the term "self-pleasure" refers to the important act of discovering joy in one's own body, rather than solely associating it with the term "masturbation."

Sexual desire is not something to be ashamed of; it is a natural and universal feeling that everyone experiences. By embracing and exploring it, you will discover new avenues of pleasure that you may not have known before. Moreover, engaging in self-pleasure can help you promptly identify any issues or irregularities your body may be facing, such as dryness or pain which may be an issue for intercourse.

We view self-pleasure as a vital form of self-care, enabling individuals to understand and nurture their own feelings and bodies. Our aim is for self-pleasure to be embraced as a normal and essential experience by everyone everywhere.

Femcare and iroha

As a Femtech and Femcare brand, we support women in their pursuit of a joyful and healthy lifestyle.

The word "Femtech" is a blend of the two words "Female" and "Technology." It is said to have originated around 2013, and has now become a term encompassing products and services tailored to various women's health issues, such as menstruation, fertility, menopause, as well as sexual wellness. Similarly, "Femcare" refers to products and services that care for women's physical and health concerns.

While there has been particular attention to topics like menstruation and fertility, in recent years "sexual wellness" has also become an important element of this discussion.

As a Femcare brand, iroha serves to support women's wellness in the pursuit of living an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

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