“The power to enrich my life is within me.” An iroha Special Interview with Kiko Mizuhara

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Kiko Mizuhara has been a long-time fan of iroha. She took on the daunting role of planning, acting, and supervising her first Amazon Prime Video program “Kiko Kikaku.” In the show, she visited the headquarters of TENGA and engaged in lively discussions with product development staff and other employees. Thanks to all your support, iroha celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 3, 2023.


This time, we bring you a special interview commemorating Kiko Mizuhara’s appointment as the ambassador for iroha. Our iroha team members interviewed her about her feelings towards iroha, as well as her thoughts on enjoying her sexuality, and embracing who she is.


Kiko Mizuhara

Born on October 15, 1990, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., Kiko Mizuhara was raised in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She began modeling in 2003 and made her film debut in 2010 in the movie “Norwegian Wood.” In 2017, she launched her own brand called OK. In 2021, she was involved in planning, acting, and supervising her first program with Amazon Prime Video, “Kiko Kikaku.” She is actively working as an actress, model, and designer.

OK (Office Kiko) website: https://officekiko.com/
Kiko Kikaku website: https://kikokikaku.jp/
Instagram: @i_am_kiko



Talking Positively About Our Bodies

I’ve always been open about sexual matters with trusted friends. Thanks to the support of the people around me, I have been able to communicate with a wider range of people. I’ve gained a lot of courage from women who could express themselves in public, and that’s how I became who I am today.


I started using Instagram as if it were my diary, having started from the early days of its service. I suddenly realized I had a tremendous number of followers, making it a powerful platform for expressing myself, although it wasn’t intentional. If my words can reach a great many people, then I want to empower others from this place. I see this platform as a “gift” given to me, and I’m now more conscious about what I share there.

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In particular, discussions about women’s sexuality tend to be taboo. Even in the Japanese entertainment industry, there are still topics that are difficult to talk about, and there is a tendency to treat them as part of the underground culture. However, the conversation about our bodies is an important one to have.


To honor the women who have given me courage so far, I want to create a space where we can talk about it in a positive way. So it makes me very happy to hear from people who have seen my posts and been to iroha’s stores or events.


iroha’s Cute, Stylish, and Innovative Products

I first encountered iroha at a store that sold self-pleasure items. The designs were incredibly cute and stylish, unlike anything I had seen before. The products themselves, sent such a memorable and gentle message that they were ‘for women’, so I decided to buy them with my friends.

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When I actually tried using it, not only did I find it easy to use and maintain, but also the soft, supple texture was incredibly pleasant to the touch.


Until now, I feel like most pleasure items were made of hard plastic, and they seemed to be more focused on intense stimulation. However, with iroha, I experienced a new sensation of ‘softness’ and ‘gentleness.’ The design doesn’t feel like something you have to hide deep in a drawer to keep it from your parents either. It discreetly blends in with your interior decor.


Choosing the Right iroha Based on Color and Shape

My favorite item is the iroha MIKAZUKI. I use it all the time, and I got a second one! It suits me no matter what mood I’m in, and the feel is just right, so I never get tired of it. Another recent favorite is the iroha petit. I learned about it when I visited iroha’s headquarters on Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Kiko Kikaku’. I was really surprised by it! The smooth, jelly-like texture is new and different. It’s a totally different approach from vibration or hand stimulation, and my body really enjoys it.


Personally, I like the iroha petit SHELL because the sea is soothing to me. I’m already acting like an ambassador (laughs), as I already recommend it to my friends telling them, “This is revolutionary! You have to try it!” When I introduce iroha to my friends who are not Japanese, they really love the design, so it made me realize that this high level of design is not found overseas. Since there are many cute designs, it’s also good for first-timers to intuitively choose based on colors and shapes that attact you.

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Let’s Talk About Sex – Sharing iroha’s Message

I was super happy to be able to represent iroha, as I had the impression that iroha had been forging ahead without a brand ambassador. When I received the news from my manager, I proudly shared it with my friends. I received nothing but words of praise and approval from my friends.


As a fan of iroha myself, I thought it would be great if we could work together to convey the appeal of this product, while also delivering a message of “being able to talk more openly about self-pleasure, our bodies, and sexuality.”

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Some people may be intimidated by sex and sexuality, but it is important to realize that self-pleasure is about health. I used to have no knowledge about it, but after my mother was diagnosed with an illness at the hospital, I realized that proper vaginal care is important. Just like working out at the gym, we should also take care of the vagina as an important part of our body.


I was surprised when a friend of mine, around 20 years old, told me she had never seen her own vagina. While people care for their intimate areas and undergo hair removal, many haven’t really looked at their vagina. I understand it may be embarrassing for some, but it is part of the body. Not knowing about its condition might prevent people from detecting an illness or some irregularity.


I believe that knowing one’s own body can lead to good health and happiness. It would be great if we could talk about vaginas openly. I think iroha also brings benefits to the body as we age, so I hope it can be used as part of self-care routines, regardless of age.


It’s Your Body – It Would be a Shame Not to Enjoy It!

Some people may feel embarrassed and lack the courage to take the first step towards self-pleasure. Of course, while respecting those feelings, I wouldn’t force recommendations upon everyone. However, life is precious, and I think it would be nice if people could see enjoying yourself as a daily reward!

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To face oneself, it’s important to have confidence in oneself. When I was younger, while training at the gym, I couldn’t even look into my own eyes in the mirror. It wasn’t embarrassment, but rather I felt a sense of disgust. I lacked confidence in myself. However, recently, I realized that I can now train while looking myself in the eye, and I thought, “yeah, I’ve changed.” That’s because I’ve gotten older and more experienced, and allowed myself to spend time on things I love. I used to be concerned about societal judgments and trapped by convention, but I’ve come to realize that before being a woman, I am a human being, and there are various ways of living and forms of happiness.


So, I started to ask myself, “what is happiness for me?” It could be something small. By continuing to think about it, every day became more enjoyable, and self-pleasure naturally became a part of it, allowing me to fully accept myself. As my self-doubts began to diminish, I reached a mindset of, “it would be a shame not to enjoy my own body!” By connecting the mind and body in this way, I believe one can find new ways to live freely and comfortably. It would be wonderful if iroha could contribute to such realizations of happiness, and I hope to deliver that opportunity to as many people as possible.


It’s Important to Learn New Things

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and its significant global lifestyle changes, there’s a sense that the world, once fragmented, is becoming kinder as people strive to reach out to each other again. For instance, when traveling abroad, I feel warmly welcomed. With the disappearance of tourists who were once taken for granted, local residents seem delighted to approach and engage with visitors again. This sentiment seems echoed by my foreign friends who have experienced similar things in Japan.


If we become more conscious of bridging divides in every aspect of life, sharing gender and women-specific concerns beyond those directly affected, and mutually exploring the best ways to make each other happy, it would be wonderful and enriching for all.

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For that reason, it’s important to enjoy ourselves, but it’s also very important not to let things go unnoticed. It’s easy to shutter out and completely ignore prejudice, but I think sometimes an attitude of acceptance and learning from others can also broaden your mind and knowledge and help bring everyone closer together. Above all, the moment you learn something new is full of discovery and joy.


I believe having knowledge also leads to happiness and comfort, as you are no longer afraid of the unknown. I encourage iroha to please continue to move forward while supporting women and all genders! As a fan, I will always be cheering for you.


iroha 10th Anniversary and New Brand Statement

Thoughts Behind Our New Brand Statement

“Color Your Pleasure.
Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way”


Celebrating our 10th anniversary, iroha has refreshed its statement from “Redefining Pleasure” to “Color Your Pleasure – Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way.” With the shift in societal attitudes towards more open discussions about sexuality compared to when iroha started in 2013, we aim to empower people to see sexuality in a more positive light and discover the joys of self-pleasure.


As we continue to share thoughts and ideas with our customers, we have come to realize the wide range of concerns women have regarding sexuality and their bodies. From concerns about sexuality to issues such as menstruation, PMS, fertility, and menopause, women experience a variety of physical and mental discomforts throughout their lives. iroha strives to support the busy lives of these individuals through our products and services. As we mark our 10th anniversary, iroha will not only offer self-pleasure items and intimate care products, but also continue to propose new ideas as a “femcare brand” that support healtiher, happier lives.


With the goal of contributing to a future where all genders can freely enjoy their sexuality, we hope to express iroha’s vision and appreciation not only through products and services, but also through special projects for our 10th anniversary. We will be developing various projects throughout the year, so please stay tuned.


New Kiko Mizuhara Collaboration Website

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our exclusive website with our ambassador, Kiko Mizuhara. Dive into Mizuhara’s charismatic and inspirational world, featuring insightful interviews and captivating videos.

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