iroha petit CORALiroha petit CORAL

The petit CORAL,
A Treasure from the Sea

The collaborative item developed with Kiko Mizuhara

is the easy-to-use, disposable item, iroha petit CORAL.

Offering a supple new texture at an affordable price.

Easy to dispose of.

Composed of 98% water, you can cool it in a refrigerator

or warm it in a bath to your desired temperature.

Enjoy a new sensation completely different

from anything you’ve experienced before.


Product Features

  • Kiko Mizuhara x iroha Collaboration

    We decided on this collaborative project because we wanted more people to be able to enjoy self-pleasure with ease and confidence.

  • Producing a new iroha petit, a Longtime Favorite of Kiko Mizuhara.

    In fact, the iroha petit has long been Kiko Mizuhara's favorite item. Kiko Mizuhara recommended it to her friends, "This is revolutionary! You have to try it!" She especially loved the new feel and design of the product. So this time, we asked her to produce an new, unique version.

  • iroha petit CORAL is Inspired by Kiko Mizuhara's Love of the Sea and Beautiful Corals

    Kiko Mizuhara draws her inspiration from the sea, from which beneath the surface you can find beautifully sparkling coral. The distinct blue shade of the packaging was also chosen by Mizuhara. This product is filled with Kiko's favorite things.

Distinct Ridges for Vivid Stimulation

The portable size means it can always be with you


How to Use

Series Lineup



Product Code
Product Size
W 55 x D 35 x H 55 mm / D 1.38 x W 2.17 x H 2.17 in
Packaged Size
W 60 x D 35 x H 78 mm / D 1.38 x W 2.36 x H 3.07 in
Product Weight
40 g / 1.41 oz.



The product is a
single-use item.
Use immediately after
opening and discard
after use.
*Not a vibrating


Product Body
Water, Agar,
(Propylene Glycol),
Solubilizer (PEG-40
Hydrogenated Castor Oil),

Finger Grip

How to Use:

1. Gently peel off the
lid while holding
the cup in one hand.
*Please take care
when opening the
item as water may
spill from the cup.
2. Discard the water
3. Place the cup
upside down in your
palm and gently
press the base to take the petit out.
※ Forcefully removing the product may
damage the item, so
please remove it

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