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FAQs regarding iroha petit(SHELL・PLUM・LILY)

  • What kind of product is the iroha petit?

    The iroha petit is a single-use self-pleasure item for a new kind of sensation. Consisting of 98% water, it can be chilled in a refrigerator or warmed in the bath for use at whatever temperature suits you. After use, simply throw it away. It is extremely easy to use and enjoy.

  • What differences are there between the iroha petit and other iroha brand items?

    The first single-use item in the iroha lineup, the iroha petit is designed to make using a pleasure item easier than ever. It is affordably priced, can be easily disposed of after use, and does not use batteries. Unlike vibrating products that can have a dry feel, the part of the iroha petit that contacts the body consists of 98% water, providing a smooth, slippery texture. Enjoy a new kind of pleasure that is distinctly different to vibrating products.

  • How are the three iroha petit different?

    Each has a different shape offering different sensations during use, each providing a different type of stimulation. Please see the LINE UP for details.

  • Does the iroha petit have an aroma?

    The product has the faint aroma of yuzu and ylang-ylang.

  • How do I use the iroha petit?

    ① Gently peel off the Lid while holding the Cup in one hand.
    Please take care when opening the item as water may spill from the Cup.
    ② Discard the water inside.
    ③ Place the Cup upside down in your palm and gently press the base to take the petit out.

  • Is the iroha petit reusable?

    The iroha petit is a single-use product. Using it more than once is not recommended for hygienic reasons. Please dispose of the used product by following your local waste-disposal instructions.

  • Is lotion required? Can I use the product with lotion?

    The iroha petit can be used on its own or with lotion.

  • Can I use the iroha petit in the bath?

    Yes. It can even be used in the water. Warm it by immersing it in the bathwater, or enjoy its coolness when you use it on your warmed body in the bath. Use it in the way that best suits you.

  • How should I warm the iroha petit? Can I warm it in a microwave oven?

    You can warm it by immersing it in bathwater or using your body’s warmth. Using a microwave oven or direct flame can damage the product and should be avoided. Using boiling water or other high-temperature sources may also damage the product. The product consists of 98% water, so its temperature changes depending on the environment in which it is kept. Be sure to check its temperature with your hand before using it. The product may be chilled in a refrigerator before use. However, it will be damaged if it is frozen, so avoid placing it in a freezer.

  • Can I store it at room temperature?

    Yes. However, please avoid storing it in a place of high temperature/humidity or direct sunlight. Use the product as soon as possible after opening.
    You may cool the product in the fridge, but do not freeze the product as this may damage it.

  • What is the product made of? Is it safe to put it in my mouth?

    Please do not put the product in your mouth. Although its materials are not harmful to the body, they can produce an extremely bitter taste in the mouth. The product’s materials are listed below.


    Product: Water, Agar, Moisturizer (Propylene Glycol), Solubilizer (PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben
    Finger Grip: PS

  • Does the product have a “use by” date?

    The product can be used safely for up to three years from its manufacture date if it remains sealed in its package. However, because the product may have been stored for some time, using it as soon as possible after purchase is recommended. Please use it immediately after opening its package. The product is not intended for reuse and should be disposed of after use.

  • How do I dispose of this product?

    Please dispose of the item according to your local disposal laws and regulations.

    [Only the product body is biodegradable. The Cup, Lid, and Finger Grip are plastic and should be disposed of accordingly.]

  • I lost my User Manual.

    You can download all of our user manuals here:
    User Manuals Page

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