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FAQs regarding iroha SVR(CORAL PINK・VERY PERI)

  • What is the SVR used for?

    It is a vibrator that supports couples’ foreplay or for extra stimulation during intercourse. It can be attached to the base of the penis, allowing both partners to feel the stimulation together, or can be attached to your fingers and used as a stimulating vibrator.

  • How do I turn the power ON?

    Press and hold the power button to turn ON.
    Press and hold the button again to turn OFF.

  • How many types of vibration are available?

    There are 5 vibration strengths (V1~5) & 2 rhythm modes (R1, R2). Press and hold to turn ON, then press the button again to cycle through modes.

  • Can the SVR be used repeatedly?

    The SVR is rechargeable for repeated use and can be fully recharged approximately 300 times.
    It is waterproof so it can be easily washed for daily use. Please wash before first use and after every use with cold or tepid water.
    ※It is generally safe if water is splashed on the charging terminal of the USB connector.
    ※Please do not use if the silicone cover or the internal parts become damaged.
    ※Please do not forcibly remove the plastic part of the charging terminal from the silicone cover.

  • Can I use it in the bath?

    The product is waterproof so it can be used in the bath, however, do not submerge the product in water more than 50 cm (19.5″”) deep, subject it to strong water currents, or grip it tightly underwater as this may cause water to get inside the unit and cause malfunction.
    ※The exposed metal charging terminal on the USB port of the main unit will not cause an electric shock even if it is placed underwater.
    ※The included USB Cable is not waterproof.
    ※When using the device underwater, there is a possibility of water entering your body, so please use the device in a clean environment.

  • Is it safe to use with lotions and oils?

    Use only water-based lubricants with this product.
    ※Do not use with Massage Oils, Baby Oil, or any oil-based lubricant. Use of oil-based products with this item may cause malfunction, discoloration or deformation.

  • Can it be washed with water or soap?

    Wash with cold or tepid water. If using soap, please use only a mild, neutral soap.
    ※Do not boil or attempt to wash with hot water. Do not place in hot or cold water for extended periods of time.
    ※Please do not use or store with insecticides, solvents, silicone items, or oil-based products. This may cause the product to become deformed.
    ※After cleaning, pat dry with a dry cloth to remove any excess water, and leave to air dry. Store in the Storage Pouch.
    ※The exposed metal part of the USB port on the main unit will not rust even if it gets wet. It can be washed directly as it will not cause electric shocks.

  • Is it hygienic and safe to use?

    The main unit is made of body-safe silicone that is non-toxic to the human body. The product is fully washable and can be cleaned before and after use to keep it hygienically safe.
    ※The exposed metal part of the USB port on the main unit will not cause an electric shock if it touches the body.

  • Can I strongly pull on the ring part of the SVR?

    Although the ring is made of flexible material, it may not return to its original shape if it is pulled excessively. Please do not pull it with excessive force or damage it with sharp objects.

  • I do not have an AC adapter. What should I do?

    This product does not come with an AC adapter. Please use a commercially available AC adapter with a USB port.
    ※If you do not have an AC adapter, you can also charge the battery from the USB port of your computer.
    ※Please only charge the product with an adapter or computer with an output of 5V 1000mA, to prevent product damage or malfunction.

  • Is there a Product Warranty?

    The warranty period for this product is 6 months from the date of purchase. Please contact us if you have any problems within the warranty period.

  • I lost my User Manual.

    You can download all of our user manuals at our User Manuals Page below:
    User Manuals Page

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