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FAQs regarding iroha SVR(CORAL PINK・VERY PERI)

  • What kind of product is the iroha SVR?

    It is a vibrator that supports couples’ foreplay or for extra stimulation during intercourse. It can be attached to the base of the penis, allowing both partners to feel the stimulation together, or can be attached to your fingers and used as a stimulating vibrator.

  • Are there any functional differences between the colors?

    The colors are purely for aesthetic difference, so please choose the color you like the most!

  • How do I turn the product on?

    Push & Hold Button for 3 seconds to turn ON/OFF.

  • How many vibration modes does it have?

    There are 5 vibration strengths (V1~5) & 2 rhythm modes (R1, R2). Press and hold to turn ON, then press the button again to cycle through modes.

  • Do I need to buy batteries for the product?

    This is a rechargeable item and does not require additional batteries for use.
    To charge, attach the included USB Cable to the product and connect the USB terminal to a USB port connected to a PC or wall-plug adapter.
    ■ Charging Time: Approx. 60 min (5V1A Lithium Ion Polymer Battery)
    ■ Running Time: Approx. 60 min (Full Power)
    If charging properly, the charging lamp will turn ON.

  • Can I use it in the bath?

    The product is fully waterproof up to 50cm (Approx. 20 inches).
    Please do not expose to strong water currents or depths over 50cm.
    ※ The exposed metal Magnetic Terminal on the Product Body will not cause an electric shock even if it is placed underwater.
    ※ The included USB Cable is not waterproof.
    ※ Use in water can expose your body to the water you are using it in. Please ensure that you are using the item in a hygienic environment.

  • Is it hygienic and safe to use?

    The product is made of body-safe silicone that is non-toxic to the human body.
    The product is fully washable and can be cleaned before and after use to keep it hygienically safe.

  • Can I wash it with soap?

    Please wash with cold or tepid water. If using soap, please use only a mild, neutral soap.
    ※ Do not clean with hot water. Do not place in hot or cold water for extended periods of time.
    ※ Do not clean with alcohol or highly acidic/alkaline cleaners. This may cause disfiguration of product.

  • Can I strongly pull on the ring part of the SVR?

    Although the ring is made of flexible material, it may not return to its original shape if it is pulled excessively. Please do not pull it with excessive force or damage it with sharp objects.

  • Can I use the product with lubricants, lotions or oils?

    Use only water-based lubricants with this product.
    ※ Do not use with silicone-based lubricants, massage oils or other oils such as baby oils. This could lead to product damage, discoloration or deformation of product, and will void product warranty.
    Use of oil-based products with this item may cause malfunction, discoloration or deformation.

  • I just bought the product, but I think it might be broken.

    Please look over the Troubleshooting tips in the User Manual.
    If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us.

  • Can I use the charging bases / cases / cables and wall plug adapters from other iroha brand items?

    Only the Wall Plug Adapters from other iroha items are compatible with this product. This charging cable is unique, and is not compatible with any other iroha items.

  • Can I use other USB Cables available on the market?

    The USB cable included with the SVR has a different shape charging connector (the part that plugs into the main unit) than commercially available USB cables and has been developed specifically for the SVR. Do not use any USB cables other than the one included. Also, do not try to charge anything other than the unit with the provided cable.

    If lost or broken, it is possible to purchase a replacement cable.

    Purchase SVR Charging Cable – USA
    Purchase SVR Charging Cable – EUROPE

    ※ If there are any issues with the USB cable included with your product, it may be covered by our 6 month Warranty, so please contact us.

  • There is no Wall Plug Adapter included. What should I do?

    The product doesn’t include a Wall Plug Adapter. Please use a wall plug adapter you have available, or purchase one for use with the product.
    The product can also be charged with a PC USB Port.
    ※ Please ensure the USB Port / Wall Plug Adapter you are using has an output of at least 5V1A to ensure no damage to either item.

  • Is there a Product Warranty?

    This product is covered by a 6 month Warranty from the date of purchase.
    Please contact us if you have any problems within the warranty period.

  • How should I dispose of this product?

    Please dispose of the item according to your local disposal laws and regulations.

  • I have lost my User Manual.

    You can download all of our user manuals here:
    User Manuals Page

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