Color Your Pleasure Color Your Pleasure

Kiko Mizuhara is known for her work as a model, actress, and designer, while always taking on and embracing new endeavors.
Here is a special interview with Kiko Mizuhara to celebrate her new role as iroha's ambassador.

Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara

I want to create an atmosphere where we can talk openly and positively about important topics related to sexuality and our bodies.

While some people may feel uncomfortable when they hear the words "sex" or "sexuality," they are important aspects of our bodies and health. As a fan of iroha products, I want to share their appeal while also conveying the importance of self-pleasure, our bodies, and sexuality.

Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara

As a part of self-care,
I encourage adults of all ages to try using iroha.

iroha offers many cute and stylish items. With the mindset of "enjoying life to the fullest", I hope you'll start by choosing items that attract you, whether that be based on colors or shapes.

Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara

It's your body -
It would be a shame not to enjoy it!

I believe that by connecting your heart and body, you can feel comfortable and free in so many ways. It would be wonderful if iroha could contribute to realizing this happiness. I'd like to reach out to as many people as possible to provide that opportunity.

[The power to enrich
my life is within me]

iroha Special Interview
with Kiko Mizuhara

Here is a special interview with Kiko Mizuhara to celebrate her new role as iroha's ambassador. We asked Kiko Mizuhara about her feelings on iroha, enjoying her sexuality, and embracing who she is.


Kiko Mizuhara
Born on October 15, 1990, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., Kiko Mizuhara was raised in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She began modeling in 2003 and made her film debut in 2010 in the movie "Norwegian Wood." In 2017, she launched her own brand called OK. In 2021, she was involved in planning, acting, and supervising her first program with Amazon Prime Video, "Kiko Kikaku." She is actively working as an actress, model, and designer.

OK (Office Kiko) website: https://officekiko.com/
Kiko Kikaku website: https://kikokikaku.jp/
Instagram: @i_am_kiko

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