Kiko Mizuhara Joins iroha As Global Brand Ambassador

Model, actress, and designer Kiko Mizuhara has partnered with iroha as its global ambassador! This collaboration aims to destigmatize self-pleasure and promote open discussions about sexuality worldwide.


Kiko is enthusiastic about creating a safe space for women to talk confidently about pleasure and self-care.


“In particular, discussions about women’s sexuality tend to be taboo,” says Kiko. “However, the conversation about our bodies is an important one to have. To honor the women who have given me courage so far, I want to create a space where we can talk about it in a positive way.”


“I believe that by connecting your heart and body, you can feel comfortable and free in so many ways,” Kiko continues. “It would be wonderful if iroha could contribute to realizing this happiness. I’d like to reach out to as many people as possible to provide that opportunity.”


For more on Kiko’s iroha ambassadorship, read our exclusive interview or explore her special website for a glimpse into Mizuhara’s inspiring world with insightful interviews and captivating videos.

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